Porcelain signs are not available today, in fact they originated in Germany in the 1880s and were created till about the 1950s after which production was stopped. But during this period advertising signage was closely linked to porcelain signs and master craftsmen churned them out for almost all top companies of the world at that time.

Porcelain signs were imported to the USA from the early 1900s from Germany. These were made from layers of coloured powdered glass that were painstakingly fused on a base of heavy rolled iron and were attached to walls by flanges. Their rise in popularity was due to their durability and weather resistant properties. By the 1940s, this art slowly went into oblivion and large lots of porcelain signs were melted down to extract the iron which was then used for advancing the war effort.

Even today, more than half a century later, porcelain signs have a distinct aura of their own. Their rarity has made them collectors’ items today and the best preserved ones are sold at high prices at auction houses around the world. Interest levels in porcelain signs are still very much prevalent and high today.

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